I have finally done it. http://bitflourish.com is where you can find me, my stuff and get in contact with me. there is a mumble server as well as a minecraft server at that address as well, so have a blast!

Commissions and me

2014-01-14 06:05:52 by bitflourish

I don't even know what to do with the idea of commissions. I have done very simple stuff for 2 friends and their youtube show or podcast respectively, yet people are contacting me left and right. if you want to contact me about my stuff, please tell me up front that you want to use my work within the share alike, attribution and noncommercial (unless otherwise agreed upon) set of creative commons. that simple.



Working on a chiptune/rap cipher fusion with a video

2013-12-27 08:17:24 by bitflourish

I have been working my ass off for 2 days just animating the titles for the video that goes with this song. If I make it to the Movie portal, I may make more stuff for it, but that may be unlikely. The video may go up on youtube, but the song itself will be right here in the audio portal in the next day or so!

Thanks to the few fans I've gathered in the past couple of days and the great ratings/feedback I have gotten for my tunes, it makes this whole venture feel a bit more worth it!


Much love,


Hello, Newgrounds

My name is Kit, I go by Bit Flourish only when someone is referring to my music. I have decided to try every avenue to spread my content and love to the four corners of the earth, NG seems like a great place to start! I make chiptunes of many different varieties as well as some non-chiptune music, but I rarely speak of that.

I just released an album to bandcamp over at http://kitlefou.bandcamp.com/ and it's pay what you want or not at all. I just want you to enjoy!